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A Network of Trusted Professionals

David Headshot.jpg

David Buschauer

Visionary & President

Columbia College Chicago

Having received his B.A. in Marketing from Columbia College Chicago, David specializes in Branding Strategy, Video Production, Graphic Design and Online Advertising.


Ismail Malikov

Media Production Specialist

College of DuPage

An award-winning multimedia artist with professional experience as a film editor, digital and visual effects artist. Past projects include short films, commercials, documentaries, coverages, and music videos.


Melanie Remkus

Social Media Management

Columbia College Chicago

With a B.A. in Marketing from Columbia College Chicago, Melanie adds a dynamic blend of skills. With expertise in community engagement, content creation, and digital storytelling, she crafts compelling social media experiences that resonate with audiences.


Dheer Tikoo

Content Creation

Columbia College Chicago

A Major in Marketing and Digital Media at Columbia College Chicago, Dheer is a multi-faceted content creation specialist, developing social media content for clients built on strategy.

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